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Ecdysteroids – what are they? Do they work?

Ecdysteroids are a class of steroid hormones that play a crucial role in the development and growth of insects, as well as some other invertebrates. They are structurally similar to vertebrate steroids like testosterone and estrogen but have different functions.

The flower of the Ajuga Turkestanica
Flower of Ajuga Turkestanica

These Ecdysteroids are are also several plants in numerous plants such as the Leuzea carthamoides, spinach, quinoa, Ajuga turkestanica and cyanotis arachnoidea.

Flower of Cyanotis Arachnoidea

The last 2 being the plants used for the the extraction of Turkesterone and Beta-ecdysterone (also known as 20-hydroxyecdysone). Both are differing kinds of Ecdysteroids however both are reported in studies as working in similar ways, that being. promoting protein synthesis and muscle growth, much the same as anabolic agents.

Both supplements are completely natural and have no side effects (certainly not compared to an anabolic agent! They can be stacked with each other and creatine without issues.

So do they work? From my view I have taken them for several months and personally speaking have primarily felt my recovery has improved. Which in turn allows me to add the extra rep or even add weight to the bar which for me is a gain and at 50 years old all gains are welcome! They certainly are never going to provide the kind of impact that an anabolic agent does however there is no side effects or general ill impact to you!

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