Tongkat Ali

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High Potency Indonesian Tongkat Ali

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Tongkat Ali has been shown in clinical trials to boost Testosterone in men, in turn improving libido, muscle strength whilst improving mood and focus.

With so many varieties on the market all label with 100:1, 200:1, 300:1 ratios and some with capsules varying from 100 to 800mg it’s difficult to know what you are actually getting.

To cut through all this BS we have made it simple – our Tongkat Ali is a High Potency Extract from sourced from the highest quality Indonesian Eurycoma Longifolia.  It has been standardised to  3% Eurycomanone (twice the level used in the clincal tests), 22% Eurypeptides and 48% Glycosaponin in 200mg easy to swallow capsules.

You can search and read all about these, in short you won’t find a better Tongkat Ali supplement anywhere close to our price on the market!

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